Who we are?

We  supply Tuning files to companies, individuals and workshops. We supply original and tuned software with a dedicated support team, who are only ever an email away. Our Tuning files database is available 24 / 7 for instant download, whatever your location or time zone you can be assured our system is always online, the automated system has purposely been designed this way to allow tuners access to original and tuned files whenever they require. 

We have thousands of original and tuned files already uploaded to our database, with more files constantly being added to increase the database. If a particular file has not been added yet to the database, then you can use the FILE SERVICE tab at top of this page where you upload your original file onto our server and a tuned file will be created and sent back to you, usually within 1 hour. 

Even though the database is accessible at all times, we have a dedicated support team to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. They are available between 9am – 5pm GMT

Our team is constantly developing the database with more original and tuned files, including car, motorbike, truck, bus, tractor and agricultural vehicles. We also offer stock files that have not been added to the database yet, simply use the FILE SERVICE page upload your original file or original file info HW SW numbers etc. and we will locate the file from our database and send it back to you – this is usually also done within 1 hour.

Our Mission

We offer a Worldwide postal ECU Bench Remap service, this is a extremely useful service when access to the OBD port can not be made, whether due to damage or the OBD is locked by the vehicle manufacturer. Once the ECU has been removed off the vehicle, it can be sent to us, where once received one of our technicians will open the ECU and connect to its internal circuit boards on our ECU Tuning Bench. After the tuning file has been written to the ECU, it will be closed and sealed. Thereafter it will be packaged and sent back to you. 

On a bench remap more settings can be accessed, whilst some manufacturers ECU’s can only be connected to via bench reading. Some vehicles are set by the manufacturer as anti tune, we can still gain access to read and write the ECU, but this is only possible via a bench remap.

We serve tuning workshops and professionals across the UK, Europe and Worldwide

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Fully Tested Working Solutions

We tune petrol and diesel vehicles including Car, Van, Trucks, Tractors, Marine. All this within an hour, all files tuned by our expert file writers. In case you have any issues, simply contact our support

What People Say?

Shane Richards

GP Dynamics

We have been using this company for a while now, the team always produces top results.

Alex Khan

TD Chiptuning

Tuning files always made as ordered. Quick processing and support always there when we need it. 

Jack Raymond

Torque Tuning

They have done loads of remaps for me, my customers are very pleased with the results.